Unique infection control technology


Mission & Vision of a company from the Netherlands

The company was founded in September 2016 by two Dutch businessmen, Corstiaan KORTEWEG and Huub HEIJNES.

They became aware of the fact that globally many thousands of people die because of infections. Even in hospitals. After investigating the market, they concluded that insufficient efforts are made to prevent such deadly infections. Infection prevention became the mission for Sanilution. With the Sanilution products, it is relatively simple and cost effective to prevent a lot of human suffering from infectious diseases. Our technology can avoid a lot of casualties if properly applied in many business sectors and healthcare.

Sanilution Biotechnics Revolutionary Disinfection

  • The Sanilution Biotechnics System is an innovatively unique method of bio-decontaminating and deodorizing any infected area.
  • Sanilution Biotechnics’ RESCUE GUARD has taken 10 months of intensive research and development.
  • Sanilution Biotechnics is an effective, non-hazardous and low-cost method of protecting people from infection and is rapidly and easily applied in case of an infection outbreak.
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